Slicing managed arrays using Span<T>

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A string in .NET is nothing more than an immutable array of System.Char (char for short in C#). Immutable means that, once created, its content cannot be modified. You can hold a reference to it and be sure that the string always stays the same. Otherwise, you’d have to clone it. On the down side, it means that many of operations on it require memory allocations and copies.


Using BenchmarkDotNet and a bit of code, it’s very easy to spot the difference between the use of Substring() and Slice().

  • 16x slower for 10 characters
  • 38x slower for 100 characters
  • 253x slower for 1000 characters


Use Span<char> or ReadOnlySpan<char> for slicing strings. Use them also as argument types so that no conversion back to string is required.

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